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Report on Angels Home, Kurnool

Drs. Joshua and Blessy

I am extremely glad to present this report of Angels Home of the year 2017/18.
At present we have 90 children at the Angels  Home, the youngest being 6 years old and oldest 18 years. Presently, we are boarding 40 Girls and 50 boys in Angels Home.

The children have been very good in their academic performances. Some children, e.g. Anil, Naveena, Jeevan, Charani, Nirmala, Chinna Chennamma, Rakesh, Shalem, Usha, Madhu and others have excelled in their academics by standing top in their respective classes. Some children like Prabhakar have achieved gold medal and a silver medal for performance in sports.

The overall health condition of the children has improved since last year and they are in a good condition. Sai has been diagnosed to be suffering from Tuberculosis and is presently on treatment. Praveen has started his treatment for tooth braces. He has gone for seven visits to the doctor as a part of the treatment plan. Presently, his jaw bone seems to be operated so that the braces can be put on. But for minor ailments all children are in good condition. Thanks to periodical health checkups and excellent nutrition that we are able to provide the children with.

We provide children with excellent balanced diet. The children have different kinds of breakfasts all through the week on each day. For afternoon, they are given rice, Sambar, vegetable curry, curd. In the evening they are given milk and snacks. For the dinner, they again have rice, rasam, vegetable curry. The children have egg, twice a week as well as season fruit, twice a week, chicken once in two weeks and also on any special occasions like birthdays, holidays or festivals. Every Saturday they have sweets.

Discipline and Persistence:
We make every effort to create in children a life of discipline. We inspire them to depend on almighty, work hard, and make sincere effort to excel in life. If children behave out of the way, we help them lovingly and try to show them the value of this life, the great opportunity they have here in Angels Home to come up in life. More often than not, they listen and start behaving well again.

Training Children to be Equipped Leaders:
In these changing times full of competition we teach children to compete at the highest level. So we teach them leadership qualities intentionally and train them to fit for future.

Childrens Home License by the government of
The government of India, has made rules and regulations so stringent and are issuing licenses to run children homes. And thankfully, our home has not only received provisional license (final License is confirmed and yet to be given) but also stood out as a role model for the rest of the homes in the district.

Sincere thanks to Agape and the sponsors:
Myself, Dr. Joshua and my wife, Dr. Blessy, would like to thank each and every one for extending a compassionate helping hand to the children at the Angels Home.
A special thanks to leadership of Agape Indien Hilfe for making this happen.

Every Franc counts:


In conclusion I would like to say that every Franc that you give into the children’s lives is valuable and the children’s future is immensely blessed because of your sacrificial giving.Thank you.

Spenden für Kurnool:
Agape Indien Hilfe
8617 Mönchaltorf
Postkonto: 85-787163-8
IBAN CH97 0900 0000 8578 7163 8
Vermerk: Schule Kurnool

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